Welcome to Church Webservants.  Our mission is to provide churches, particularly smaller churches, with quality, affordable web solutions that will help them reach their world for Christ.  church website web design

Did you know that only about 20% of young adults 18-35 are involved in any church?  This leaves nearly 80% of this population struggling without a viable witness in their lives.  As you consider your own church, is the biggest gap in your attendance that same 18-35 year old generation?  They are almost entirely connected through the web and through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.  Yet, many churches do not consider the internet an important part of their outreach and communication ministries.  The truth is that the web is as indispensable today as a home telephone was yesterday.  This is why your church needs to be there.  The good news can’t be found if it is not where people are looking.  Contact Church Webservants today so you and your life changing message can be found.

Can your community find you?

Don’t let your church be an island.